Little Update/ The red dress

Sitting here, staring @my system wondering how to compose this post. My blog is a year old whew!!!! who could have thought that I would own a blog someday. I have been away from writing because I hate to put out content that does not speak to who I am as a person and that... Continue Reading →

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Simplicity is Key

Simplicity is the key to true elegance - Coco Chanel /> I was inspired to write this post, while  I was chatting with a friend about fashion and life.  The person called me " a fashionista" cause I have a whole lot of money and I laughed because that so not true; like any other... Continue Reading →

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Peer pressure 

12am!😞 Still awake trying to wrap my head around the fact that I once used to be a person that I didn't do what other people wanted me to do because they are my peers, but here I am thinking of actually going against everything I hold dear. What is your advice? Should I give... Continue Reading →

Confession of a Shopaholic

Hi guys, Missed me? Anyways, I recently saw the movie" Confession of a Shopaholic" again and I was amazed how I share similar character with her, I actually love Shopping. You know the feeling when you go to your favorite store or online store and you see variety of beautiful pieces and the feeling when... Continue Reading →

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20;4. Happy birthday to a victorious woman , a blessed woman ,a woman who was born to do great things. Happy birthday to me. Its been a long time coming, I cant wait to see what this year has to... Continue Reading →


Out of pain a hero is born-Me Sitting here, tears in my eye duct wondering how I went wrong to cause the world to hate so much that it is not enough that I have to struggle to make ends meet, but to be homeless in a town where if left out in cold the... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Hi guys, Today post is about letting go ,We need to learn to let go of certain things in our life; No matter how much  it's hurts. As humans we tend to hold to our hurts,our pains and our pride. It's hurts more to hold on than to let go and when you don't have... Continue Reading →

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